Competition Time: My first Humorous Speech

This was my entry into the Farnham Speakers Humorous Speech Contest 2010. It was a speech of firsts: The first deliberately humorous speech I have written and also my first attempt at entering any form of speaking contest!

This has been the easiest speech of mine to write and perform. Most of it was poured onto paper when sitting round the kitchen table at the peaceful Castle Farm. It then sat around for a bit until I finally edited it and started practising… the day before the contest! Thankfully, the (true-ish) story-telling nature of the project made it easy to remember.


The quality of the speeches on the night was very high. I was on last so hearing how great everyone else was did little for my nerves! Thankfully, I love performing and as this is very much a performance speech it was easy to hit my flow.

People laughed and not in sympathy. I was also very happy (and somewhat surprised) to win the competition. Unfortunately, I can’t advance to the Area contest as the club is not yet charted… never mind, next year then!

However, there is no speech in Toastmasters without feedback! I’ve already mentioned the positives so here is what I feel I need to work on:

  1. PREPARATION: I need to stop finishing writing my speeches the day before they are due to be given. More time with my mentor and honing them would make a huge difference.
  2. LET THEM LAUGH: A couple of people have commented I need to leave more room for laughter. I had this sussed in some places but clearly not in others. Admittedly, I was worried I might run out of time…. in the end this was not an issue at all.
  3. VOCAL VARIETY: I can do strong and powerful. I need vocal variety to make the strong elements ring through. This is going to be my next project.

It was a fun night. I am now idly thinking of trying a little bit of stand-up…

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