CHASE Charity Match 2

Last season is over but I need to be able to hit the ground running when the 2011/2012 season kicks off. I’ll be acting as Assistant Referee on the local supply league from August but ‘my’ leagues for refereeing will not start until September.

I’ve been accepted onto the Accelerated Promotion scheme which means my remaining assessments for the first phase must be completed by October. It is highly likely I will be assessed on my first game back so it is not the time to be rusty!

As a result, it was great to be asked back to referee the Fans Focus XI v Woking Peacocks charity friendly, in aid of CHASE. The teams had met before.

It was a good-natured game which has allowed me to highlight the sorts of things I want to work on ready for September.

What do you think of the penalty call at 03:15 ?

2 thoughts on “CHASE Charity Match 2”

  1. penalty was absolutly clear. however, i’d have few points:

    1:44 – if possible you should have your assistants in front of you so that you can see them. is your positioning by the free kick fine?
    4:35 – the tackle should have been called – if it was a high level league the player would be most probably cautioned
    i didn’t hear a whistle after any of the goals. i don’t know how you are instructed but in our country, we have to whistle after a goal is scored.

  2. Agree with above. At 1.44, the kicker really do nothing wrong, you are better off being where the players are, ready for the next phase of play, and have your AR in front of you. 3.05 positioning better with AR but still not near next phase, to close to kicker.
    3.50 definite Pen. We’re taught to run to the goal line, that way players shouldn’t crowd and if they follow, its an easy caution if needed.
    4.35, agree with above. Foul, studs showing, couldn’t pull out if needed and therefore IMO caution, irrespective of level.
    And, just to be picky, when you point to half way after a goal, don’t just use one finger, use the whole hand, I think it looks better.

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