35mm Cats

scoosh_indoor_chair by mewcenary
scoosh_indoor_chair, a photo by mewcenary on Flickr.

My trusty Nikon D40 has been a little neglected of late. I have been mulling over getting a new body, perhaps the D7100 which would be a significant upgrade…. And a not insignificant amount of cash! So it would be a lot more sensible to get the most out of my current camera.

As a result, I picked up my first prime lens: The Nikon 35mm f/1.8G. Better optical quality and also a faster lens for use in low light. Since I last looked at this range of lenses, they have been upgraded to feature their own focus motors. This is important as my D40 doesn’t have a focusing pin!

I really like the lens, and an example ‘cat snap’ is in this post. It’s perfect for portrait-style work, given that 35mm essentially becomes 50mm on a cropped sensor like on my DSLR.

I took some more, and they can be found in the Flickr set – click forwards to see them as they are the most recent pictures.

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