Finished the 2013 Great South Run

20x30-SSSO2909 On a day of interesting weather conditions, I’m happy to have completed my second Great South Run.

A few months ago, I really doubted this was going to happen: I was still struggling with a stubborn achilles injury which meant I did not want to do any form of training, let alone step out and run ten miles. In short, in no way was I enjoying running, and even walking around was reminding me of how annoying the injury was. Thankfully, I managed to sort this out.

I was back to being able to train in August, combining it with my refereeing. I only made the decision to enter the Great South Run a few weeks before, and I know I went into it not being as fit as I was the previous year, but fully confident I would do okay. And I did! I finished with an official chip time of 1:29:10, compared to 1:24:18 the previous year. The slower time was to be expected, especially considering the strong gusts on the final two miles which really slowed me down. I got lucky in 2012 as the wind was non-existent along that straight!

Due to the achilles comeback, I used traditional running shoes (a worn-in pair of Saucony Progrid Omni 9s). It was solid throughout and afterwards. As a result, I did a training run the following week back in my usual Inov8 shoes and things remained comfortable. I’ll try and stick with them again.

Oh, here’s proof I finished:

I also raised money for the British Heart Foundation. Sponsorship is still open so certainly any further donations would be much appreciated.

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I will definitely do this again next year: The atmosphere and support from the crowds is excellent. I’m even considering doing a Half Marathon as my next running challenge, and there is a new one coming in 2014 in my area. Tempting!

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