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For sizing reference, I am 183 cm tall and 88 kg in weight. I have long arms and legs!

All gis are white. Washed in a 30 wash and left to dry naturally. Unless otherwise stated, when I talk about fitment, this is after several weeks of use where natural shrinkage has had a chance to occur.

Adidas Champion

Purchased from AVA Sports.

I bought the 190. This has served as my primary competition gi for some time. There has been precious little shrinkage which has been excellent: Unlike most of my gis, the sleeves and trousers have remained perfectly legal.

It is a tough gi, but not TOO tough and has kept its form under heavy use (unlike the Adidas Elite).

I feel, however, that the jacket is too big for me in the body. It flaps about a bit, and I have decided that I prefer a more snug fit now. If I was buying again, I’d go for the 185 most likely. Putting it in a hotter wash does not seem to have help it shrink down at all, unfortunately.

Adidas Elite

Purchased from the British Judo Association shop.

This is one of the older versions of the Elite. It has the black shoulder stripes and more recent ones I have seen have the blue ones.

I have the 190. The trousers have shrunk to probably be borderline legal now. Same for the sleeves on the jacket. Otherwise, the jacket is quite snug and comfy.

Now, this gi was pretty tough when I bought it, but with use it has softened consideraby, and feels more like a traditional soft kit now. It is never stiff after drying. It is the only “tough” gi that I have owned which has done this to such a degree.

If you are after something which stays nice and thick, you’d probably want to go for the Champion instead.

Dax Moskito

Dax Moskito, from

The first thing that comes to mind with this gi is that their sizings are WEIRD. I own a 170. Now, the trousers are ridiculously short now and would not be competition legal. The jacket skirt is also a bit short and borderline. So it looks too small, but in terms of fitment it is just fine! Oh, and the sleeves are perfect in length as well.

Considering my measurements, the above is a bit odd.

It is the hardest gi that I have. It is still comfortable to wear and train in, but is not going to fall apart any time soon.

I probably wouldn’t buy this one again, mainly due to their weird sizings, and also because it seems to have suffered in terms of “sweat damage” more than any of my other kits.

Fighting Films Master Gi (Tagoya)

Purchased from Fighting Films.

The Master Gi is in fact a re-badged Tagoya Master. This is my favourite gi at the moment. It does seem expensive for a soft gi, but it is very resilient. I guess the best way of putting it, is that it is a soft, light gi but in no way feels cheap. Very comfortable for training in, and I’d certainly give it a whirl in competition as well.

I have the 180. I would say the jacket is just a little snug after natural shrinkage now, so next time I would go for the 185. The trousers were definitely too short, and I swapped them out for 195 which although were the right length, were WAY too baggy. Prior to putting on a hot wash they were like clown trousers! So hopefully if I get another kit, I’d go for the 185 and the trousers would be the right size anyway. Perhaps 190 to be safe (FF do split kits, very useful!).

Special note here for FF customer services: They swapped out the trousers even after use and having been washed to check for shrinkage.

As a result of my like of the gi, and the customer service, I will most likely buy another one!

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  1. Thanks Tris – these are great reviews. I’m just looking to replace my Adidas Elite gi and this was really helpful.

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