I play both guitar and bass.

Some recordings from previous bands and also ones I have put together myself are below.

Stash’s “The Man With One Eye” EP (1997)

Recorded at Bob Ross Studios, Portsmouth.

Tracks (MP3):

  1. Sometimes (Richard Evans)
  2. The Bomb (Richard Evans/Tristan Greaves)
  3. Hate That (Richard Setford)
  4. Chillum (Richard Evans)

Vocals: Richard Evans
Lead Guitars: Tristan Greaves (Tracks 1 and 2), Richard Setford (Tracks 3 and 4)
Rhythm Guitars: Richard Evans (Track 3)
Bass: Richard Setford (Tracks 1 and 2), Tristan Greaves (Tracks 3 and 4)
Drums: Tony Long

Solo Instrumentals


This is MC Chris’ Fett’s Vette being given the rawwwwk treatment.

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