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A Visit To The National Museum Of Computing

Earlier in the year, I visited The National Museum Of Computing, which resides within the Home of the Codebreakers, Bletchley Park. It’s pretty well put together and hosted by some very hard-working and dedicated volunteers.

I took a few pictures, although I was a bit limited by not having a lens particularly suitable for indoor work. I’ve since resolved that by grabbing a 35mm prime lens and I’m looking forward to trying it out properly!

The National Museum Of Computing - SignLorenz Cypher MachineTunny Machine 1Tunny Machine 2TypewritersColossus - "Turn it off and on again" ?

How Geeks Won The War

This was my seventh speech under Toastmasters and given at Farnham Speakers Club. The speech goal was ‘Research Your Topic’.

This meant doing a large amount of research and showing this in the speech but at the same time making the speech interesting and easy to digest! I enjoyed giving the speech and am happy that it was well received. It was great to have some fellow Bletchley Park fans in the audience!

I am particularly happy with how the humour (some of it quite impromptu) went down but, as ever, there are things that I need to work on:

  • PACING – I’m at it again! Pacing for ‘no reason’ at some points. Looking at it again, this is sometimes when I am thinking about what is coming next in the speech. A bad habit.
  • SPEED / TOO MUCH CONTENT? – There was a lot in this speech and the official time was dead-on seven minutes. Some of it does come across as a little rushed but that may partly be due to me being so enthusiastic on the subject matter. Less is more?

My next speech will be an entry for the International Speech Contest. No pressure then…