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Cup Final Season

Cup Final #2 !

Now that the season is drawing to a close, the leagues are winding down and referees are put on rotation for the dwindling number of remaining fixtures. However, it also means it is time for the various Cup Finals!

To begin with, I was very happy to be appointed as Reserve Referee to the Surrey FA Women’s Cup Final. This worked out to be my third county cup final in two seasons. The game itself was very one sided, with Chelsea Ladies pulling a convincing 10-1 win over Fulham Ladies. However, I enjoyed it due to doing something new. In particular, controlling the benches (not that much needed to be done here, just minor tidying) and working the electronic substitution board as required.

My second cup final was as Assistant Referee for the Surrey County Intermediate League (Western). The sun held true and this was a really enjoyable game for me. It was strongly competitive and settled with a single goal. I ended up awarding an (obvious) penalty due to the referee being unsighted, although it was not converted, as well as making a (fairly obvious) ball over the line call (it wasn’t!). The big decisions were all correct and as a result the game had no drama attached to it. We had a strong team of officials. Here is a good selection of photos.

I have a final on my Sunday league coming up, and for that one I am the referee. I’m really looking forward to that it. Then I can go on holiday and put my feet up!

It’s certainly been a very enjoyable season for me with some real achievements. To be rewarded by being appointed to finals is a real honour. What will the next season bring?

A belated County Cup Final

I was really happy towards the end of last season to be appointed to officiate at the Surrey FA Sunday Premier Cup Final. These appointments are made on merit based on a referee’s performance throughout the season. Various things are considered, including marks from teams on the referee’s leagues and administration. It was a great game and occasion.

I was therefore a little surprised to be given a second Final…. in July! This is normally the ‘closed season’ where everyone is relaxing and eating too many biscuits. Or is that just me? The Final had even already been played. However, it had been later revealed that the winner had fielded an ineligible player and as a result were removed from the competition. A losing semi-finalist was pulled into the final to replace them. All seemingly very political but the rules on the eligibility of players are very clear.

Thankfully, I’ve been keeping up my fitness and as it was to be an Under 11s game it was never going to be too stressful. It was a good gauge of where I am though, both in terms of physical and mental stamina, both of which are vital to a referee. I am happy to report the game went very well with good conduct from all involved.

This is essentially the beginning of my run-up to the next season. I have a schedule of adult games from this point forward, with a combination of ‘running the line’ or being in charge. It will allow me to build up my fitness and concentration, so that when September comes, I will be completely in the zone. This is very important as my remaining two assessments both need to be done that month. There will be no room for excuses!

Are you doing anything to work on your own physical and mental sharpness at the moment?

My first cup final in charge!

Keep moving

Recently, I officiated at my first cup final. Like the other final appointments I have had this was in the capacity as Senior Assistant (My experience on the Combined Counties has really helped here).

This time it was my turn to be in charge for the ‘top’ (Division 1) cup final for the Farnham and District Sunday Football League. It was an honour to get this appointment considering this has been my first season and is obviously a reflection on my performance. It also meant that I would be provided with neutral assistants to form my team. Exciting!

The game itself was hosted at Farnham Town FC which is great little ground. Unfortunately, we did not have the weather on the day: It rained pretty much throughout. I was able to keep warm with all the running about but my poor assistants did not have the opportunity to move quite as much!

Yep, still in charge...

Despite the conditions, there was a good crowd present with the seating at capacity. I didn’t really notice this until half-time as from the moment I led the teams onto the pitch for the Respect handshake I was in the zone and filtering all that out. I’ve been involved in these many a time when acting as Assistant but it was certainly a real thrill to be doing it as the actual referee.

Also present were the various officers of the league which meant I was acutely aware that I really did not want to be screwing this one up!

The game itself was a feisty, competitive and passionate affair. Both teams really went for it although the differences did show by the end both on the pitch and by the 3-2 result. ‘Only’ two cautions were required (both for dissent). Unfortunately, there was also an injury: A dislocated shoulder but by the reaction from the player and his team I got the impression that this was an old ‘war wound’ (he didn’t seems shocked at all!)

After the game my team received their medals and of course so did those actually playing! Both sides were ultimately a credit to Sunday football which does get a bad name from some quarters. I was happy to have worked with two neutral assistants who really helped me out (With club-provided assistants you can never fully ‘trust’ them as they are obviously impartial). With the neutrals I could happily let them call fouls and so on in their part of the pitch which really helped with credibility.


We were visited in our changing room after the game by an assessor: We had been stealth assessed! He was very complimentary, particularly so once he realised this was my first season! In particularly he was happy with my application of Law and the development point that he had for me was to reduce any non-official signals which could cause confusion and/or draw unnecessary attention. A very fair comment and I will be working on just that from now on. The league officials were also happy…. and the players seemed to be as well!

In all, a very exciting and enjoyable day that gave me a real buzz. As the game went well it also meant it should be memorable for the players, team officials and supporters as well (for the right reasons) which ultimately meant I did my job properly on the day.

My first cup final


It has been a good season. I’ve been appointed to a few quarter and semi finals at county level and was really pleased to get a league cup final. U17s to be precise and being held at Cove football club. These appointments tend to be based on performance during the season which is naturally a good benchmark.

I ended up as Senior Assistant on the day although the benches were easily managed. The game itself went really well, albeit a little one sided, and in my opinion was excellently controlled by the referee. I was particularly happy with my own performance and especially the feedback I got after the game. I had to suppress a smile when I heard some of the spectators behind me debating whether I was professional or not! Must be doing something right.

One red card: In the dying minutes a defender from the losing team (who were not going to come back at that stage) decided to punch a goal-bound ball away. His own team couldn’t believe that he did it. Certainly one of the easiest to sell dismissal decisions I have ever witnessed!

It was a fun game and of course I got my trophy from officiating on the final, and it was nice to meet the various league officials who were present. It has hopefully also helped raise my profile and will lead to more opportunities in the future.

This was my first cup final. I have my second this weekend and I will be the referee in charge for it! I have worked in many referee teams now and this will be my first opportunity to be leading one…. very exciting!