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Judo with TWO shoulders

The good news is that it looks like my AC joint injury was just a Grade 1.

I rested it over the weekend, and went along to a session on Tuesday. I strapped it up but in contrast to Thursday (where it just did not want to go in some directions at all!) it was excellent. In fact, no noticable problems whatsoever. I think there may have been a small amount of weakness but no pain.

The bruising has come through: Several inches away from the injury site!

The joint itself is still a little popped up, but the swelling may not have completely gone down yet. That said, reading around on the subject would indicate that even though the injury may completely heal, the bump may remain.

The session itself was good. Upset at myself for falling back to some “old favourites” in Randori (Hello, Hikikom Gaeshi), but at least I tried a few other things. I just need to try those other things MORE.

Made up for that in Newaza, even though if I did get pinned due to experimental chokes going a bit awry 😉 This is the one in question:

I need some advice on the correct spinning (turning?) motion once the hands are in place as that is where I am getting stuck.

Weight training continues, with the numbers going up. Unfortunately, due to stubborness I now have a slight pulled muscle in my back. I dropped a weight when doing deadlifts due to losing my grip, and should really have called it a day then, but retried it. Stupid.

Judo with one shoulder

Against perhaps my better judgement (I am rubbish at self-control when it comes to injuries), I went to Judo last night.

My left shoulder, due to the dodgy AC joint, is tender. However, what is frustrating is that it becomes painful with certain movements only. As an example, I can raise my arm to the sides, swing it in circles and so on. But having to push it outwards against resistance hurts.

This effectively makes the arm useless in Judo, and nullifies a lot of core strength. Fear of that pain reduces speed. Sometimes I found myself being attacked where normally I could post with the arm to easily block it, but I just had to let the attack happen and find another route. Really frustrating.

Still it did open up a few opportunities. I got caught in an arm lock during Newaza (I would have easily avoided this with a working arm!) and did not have the strength to pull it out due to the injury. I’m not saying to always use pure grunt to work against things, but I couldn’t use the arm as a lever in an effective way due to the shoulder. I was forced instead to use my other arm to help move around the body, and then blocking the technique with the rest of my body. That worked. Even got a pin!

Another issue is that I would see an opening, but my instincts would say, “Hmm, if I do that, but then they pull against me, it will HURT” – so I don’t go for it.

Standing work was better, but again I was slow due to “the fear”. So I concentrated on gripping strategies and the like instead.

However, I am setting myself up for secondary injuries. By having such a fear of landing on the shoulder again, it would negatively impact my breakfalls… so I could do more damage.

Ronda Rousey has a recent entry on this sort of thing:

What sucks about injuries though is you really have to humble yourself. Instead of trying to twist and turn and funk your way out of attacks, you have to take a lot of falls you wouldn’t normally have to. You see openings for throws or in ne-waza that you have to for yourself not to do because it will strain the injury.

Yup, that’s it 🙁

I really need to rest it properly.

Sprained AC joint – The curse of crash mats

A good Judo session tonight. It’s a competition club so the pace is high and it really highlights my fitness. Sorry… unfitness. The local Army guys visit so it puts things a little in perspective!

Crash mats are more trouble than they are worth sometimes. In my first year of Judo, my Iliotibial Band Syndrome was as a result of taking a knee to the leg doing crash mat work. The swelling from the impact moved down the leg until it aggravated the Iliotibial Band, and it took a while to sort itself out!

Tonight I was thrown, but my head and shoulder missed the crash mat. Thus the majority of the impact was absorbed by them (as opposed to it being shared by the rest of my body on a totally flat surface).

Immediate pain in my shoulder (specifically, the Acromioclavicular joint). Thankfully in the, “Hmm, this hurts, I had better take a break and stretch it” sort, as opposed to “OMG THE PAIN GIVE ME MORPHINE” style.

It’s still tender now. I have full range of motion, but it is slightly painful when the arm is working in certain ways. The best example is if I grasp my hands together in front of me, then try and pull them apart.

Definite swelling there. At first I thought a part of bone had been dislodged, but pressing it highlights it is just swelling. And no evil crunching noises!

So, careful monitoring and sweet, sweet Ibuprofen. RICE is a way of life for me nowadays…

In terms of the Judo, some nice advice, but essentially revolving around attacking as soon as I have a grip I want.. no hanging about! This ties in nicely with movement etc… Also, I keep letting myself be crunched down, even by shorter players. It’s a stupid instinctive reaction I have when a hand comes over my shoulder!