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Getting Intensive on the Treadmill

I love High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Well, I love it when I’m not in the process of actually doing it! It is a fantastic way of improving sports performance in short periods of time.

I tried out a new protocol today, cribbed from ‘Referee Specific Training’, a presentation by Bryn Markham-Jones. You can find it on pages 17 and 18.

Here is my own summary, and I have put the timings differently to make it easier to follow when actually doing it.

WARNING: HIIT is, by definition, INTENSIVE! Be absolutely sure you are fit to do this. Check with your GP if required. It is also expected that you are fully warmed up before commencing this, as it STARTS with running fast.

Set treadmill inclination to suit your fitness.

00:00 – 18.5 km/h
00:30 – Jogging
01:30 – 16.5 – 17.5 km/h
02:30 – Jogging
03:30 – 16 – 17 km/h
05:00 – Jogging
06:00 – 15 – 16 km/h
08:00 – Jogging
09:00 – 16 – 17 km/h
10:30 – Jogging
11:30 – 16.5 – 17.5 km/h
12:30 – Jogging
13:30 – 18.5 km/h
14:00 – Jogging
15:00 – STOP.

REST 5 minutes. This is ONE SET. Repeat, to make a total exercise duration of 35 minutes.

Fun, huh? I made it through, although I went for a 0% incline and the ‘Jogging’ elements ended up mostly being ‘Walking recovery’ in all honesty. Need to step that up!

My own personal guideline for HIIT: “Do I feel like I might collapse if I do any more? Do I have a sense of euphoria for finishing?” Job done then!

Do you have any favourite interval training routines?

Increase your speed: 60 second sprint protocol


I attended my second Farnham Runners speed training session yesterday evening and it was great fun.

Here is the 60 second sprint protocol that was used. I’m not so good at doing this sort of training on my own as it is hard to stay motivated when it is so tiring! However, it all changes when in a friendly, welcoming and inspiring group.

A running track is ideal for this.

WARNING: This is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Be sure you are medically cleared!

WARM-UP: Gentle jog (5 minutes) followed by 10 minutes of dynamic stretching. Build running speed up to 60%, 80%, 100% (only over a short distance). Heart rate clearly elevated by end.

INTERVALS: 60 second sprint on the track. Place marker at your furthest point. Walk back to start. When all participants back, go again. FOUR INTERVALS. Your marker only moves if you manage to go further. After the 4th one, stay at your marker and rest 60 seconds. Then it is a handicap race back to the start (60 second time limit).

REST: Four minutes.

REPEAT INTERVALS: Marker stays put from first set!

COOL DOWN JOG: Very light jog (5 minutes).

STRETCHES: 10 minutes.

This was exhausting and my quads were ready to cramp all over the place at the end (the stretches were super-important as a result). I am proud that I managed to get the furthest distance but my sprint speed has always been good: It is just my endurance I need to work on.

I had to slow for some of the intermediate intervals but managed to beat my best distance on the final one! Yay!

Within the box

It was probably the last Boxercise circuit class today for this year (It is a work gym and I’m off work for Christmas shortly). People are certainly dropping out for the usual seasonal reasons: Only three people were there!

Anything which encourages movement as well as a work-out is definitely what I am after. It’s also semi-interval training-esque (60 seconds of work-out, then 10-15 seconds rest as you change partner, repeat!)

And this seems a great link for more information on the whole Tabata thing:

Tabata Intervals.

Winding up for Christmas

It’s that time of year when Judo winds down a bit. People stop training due to the temptation of mince pies, and clubs close until the New Year.

It was hard to leave the house now that the heating is back, but I went along last night to a club I rarely get the chance to visit.

It was a great session. Constant activity throughout, and a good combination of static and moving Uchikomi, fitness and Randori. I think it was the energising sort of session that I needed. There wasn’t any technique training, but you pick up a LOT by working with higher grades, and there were a fair number present.

It was very cool for there to be a genuine cage fighter present – Gary Turner. And he is probably one of the nicest, down to earth and helpful people I have met in the sport. I have recently switched to more Judo-oriented fitness training (such as Interval training and weight movements which mimic those of Judo), and he has a lot of experience and recommendations in this area.

In particular, I should be looking a little into Tabata.

My current aim is to focus on conditioning as opposed to strength (I am carrying too much useless weight right now). A loss of 10kg should fix it, nothing major. I rarely think to myself, “I did badly because I’m not strong enough”. It’s getting tired and technique that lets me down.

Working on these should also increase my speed, as I am too static sometimes.