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Badshot Lea v Cove

Out and about with the camcorder again to take in a local New Year fixture. This time, Badshot Lea v Cove in the Combined Counties league.

There were five goals in the match, including a penalty, with an old-fashioned confrontation featuring as well.

Due to time pressures, I did not have time to fully charge the camera before heading out. As a result, I did not get the last 20 minutes of the game. Thankfully, all the goals were before!

Farnham Town v Ash United

As part of my break, I decided to take the opportunity to go and watch a local supply league game (Combined Counties Premier Division).

I also took along my camcorder as it has been a bit neglected recently, and I thought it would be interesting to try recording a game and having my first play with iMovie.

The results are above. Certainly from reviewing the footage, I can tell I need to play with zoom less as it can be distracting! Definitely a learning experience. I also missed a lot of the second half, including two of the goals, as I was just having a chat instead!


TruLondon 4 and Finding the Pain

I enjoyed attending TruLondon 4 this week. My employer, Jobsite, is the platinum sponsor of these events, which are put together by the illustrious Bill Boorman.

This isn’t a typical ‘dry’ conference. Instead, it is run as an Unconference. The different ‘tracks’ are predicated around audience participation instead of one person lecturing the others. After all, everyone has their different area of expertise to bring to the table. Names badges are banned! (Although some sidestepped this issue with cunningly customised T-shirts…)

I led a track on ‘Future Recruiting Technology’. This touched on elements ranging from technology which is emerging now to just where things could be going further into the future. I was particularly interested in finding out where the ‘pain’ was in terms of both candidates and recruiters. After all, all the technology in the world is not going to achieve anything unless it is meeting the actual needs of those using it! I am also keen on the point that if technology doesn’t feel like magic, it is doing it wrong. This is important as we move further towards the domain of semantic search: We don’t want users to realise it is happening because it is so accurate and targeted. If they become aware of the wizard behind the curtain, more work needs to be done.

Equally, the whole recruitment process still needs fixing. There is still this culture clash where candidates get annoyed with recruiters not responding to them (a form of passive rejection). Also, fake or incomplete job adverts. At the same time, recruiters need to protect their interests by hiding who the true employer is, so that competitors don’t go wading in. Or do they? How can we reconcile the two? As was commented during the conference, “Stop talking about Recruitment 4.0 until we fix Recruitment 1.0!”

I was really happy at being involved in two video panel discussions, hosted by DeeDee Doke. DeeDee is the editor of Recruiter and does a stunning job as an interviewer of making people feel at ease. That is a wonderful skill to have.

‘Future of Job Boards’:

Watch live streaming video from jobsitetrulondon at livestream.com

‘Attracting Passive Candidates’

Finally, I was nabbed outside by Keith Robinson who asked me to talk a bit about my Systems Architect role at Jobsite. This is always tricky as we are working on a lot of cool stuff and not all of it we are ready to reveal to the public yet (it’s that cool!). I love the brick wall background on this.

The video interviews were a great experience, as was sharing knowledge with old and new faces in and around the recruitment industry. Roll on the next one! (Oh, and losing a bit more weight for the camera, hah!)