AWS Savings Plans: Thoughts from the Enterprise

AWS Savings Plans were launched just over a month ago now. They are essentially being pitched as “Reservations, but easier”. In both cases, pre-pay for your compute capacity and unlock discounts for doing so. Here, I present my thoughts on this, coming from an Enterprise AWS background. Continue Reading


re:Invent 2019: From CAPCOM to Deliveroo – My pick of the sessions

re:Invent is a complete whirlwind due to there being so many options for things to do over the week. This post is highlighting the breakout sessions that I took in (and a few I had to catch up on afterwards, due to adhoc meeting conflicts). Continue Reading


AWS Summit: How StepStone achieved a Cloud Centre of Excellence

I was recently invited by CloudHealth to present at the AWS Summit London. This was a dive into the lessons learned at StepStone in implementing a Cloud Centre of Excellence – coming from having nothing in AWS to it now… Continue Reading


From ‘Chaos Engineering’ to ‘The Future of Mixed-Autonomy Traffic’: Sessions I enjoyed from re:Invent 2018

I got the chance to take in a good selection of sessions at Amazon’s recent re:Invent conference. Here are the ones that I particularly enjoyed and recommend! Continue Reading