AWS and OPNsense: Site-to-site IPsec VPN setup

There will always be circumstances where you will want to run a site-to-site VPN setup with AWS. You may have private resources (not Internet facing) within AWS that you need to access in a secure manner from an on-prem or home network. Continue Reading


Benchmarking the new Arm-powered M6g instances from AWS

AWS announced the latest M6g instances in December 2019. These feature Arm-powered Graviton2 processors, as well as fully encrypted DDR4 memory. Arm processors are everywhere in terms of mobile devices, and my favourite Raspberry Pi computers, but have not traditionally been featured within the cloud. This is changing.

With M6g now Generally Available, I decided to take a closer look for myself. How easy would it be to get going? What peformance would I find? Continue Reading


Home Firewall: PC Engines APU2 E2 pfSense and OPNsense build, courtesy of LinITX

Enter the PC Engines APU boards. These are system boards designed for this sort of thing, complete with multiple Ethernet ports, decent amounts of RAM (2 gig upwards) and AMD G Series processors. They can boot from an SD card or added m-Sata SSD storage. Continue Reading


Enabling PPPoE with Plusnet – with a modem from 2011

You would hope that the shiny (Sagecom manufactured) Hub One from plusnet would support my desired bridging mode…. but no. It doesn’t. Could it be achieved with alternative firmware? Yes, but… There’s no way of flashing the firmware on these without getting your soldering iron out, and I didn’t fancy that. Continue Reading


AWS Savings Plans: Thoughts from the Enterprise

AWS Savings Plans were launched just over a month ago now. They are essentially being pitched as “Reservations, but easier”. In both cases, pre-pay for your compute capacity and unlock discounts for doing so. Here, I present my thoughts on this, coming from an Enterprise AWS background. Continue Reading


re:Invent 2019: From CAPCOM to Deliveroo – My pick of the sessions

re:Invent is a complete whirlwind due to there being so many options for things to do over the week. This post is highlighting the breakout sessions that I took in (and a few I had to catch up on afterwards, due to adhoc meeting conflicts). Continue Reading


AWS Summit: How StepStone achieved a Cloud Centre of Excellence

I was recently invited by CloudHealth to present at the AWS Summit London. This was a dive into the lessons learned at StepStone in implementing a Cloud Centre of Excellence – coming from having nothing in AWS to it now… Continue Reading


From ‘Chaos Engineering’ to ‘The Future of Mixed-Autonomy Traffic’: Sessions I enjoyed from re:Invent 2018

I got the chance to take in a good selection of sessions at Amazon’s recent re:Invent conference. Here are the ones that I particularly enjoyed and recommend! Continue Reading